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On February 25th we just finished spending some lovely days with our good friend Peggy Williams at her place in Tampa, FL. But sadly, we received word that evening that our son David had passed away from a heart attack. I had just spoken with him by phone shortly after he returned from the doctor who had started him on beta blockers for a heart problem. But no one expected him to actually have a heart attack only a couple of hours later.

He was found by a member of his barbershop quartet who were baffled that he had not arrived at a singing engagement. He apparently died sitting at his computer and it was sudden enough that he probably did not suffer.

Thus we cut off our trip plans and hurried back to St George, driving 2600 miles in 2.5 days. On Tuesday, March 2, we laid him to rest, and now are busy putting our lives back together, after 18 months away and without one of our children. Unfortunately, he also left his bride, Sherri, after less than two years of marriage. We pray especially for her.

I have created a news page devoted just to David. For now, it includes the obituary, funeral program, and eulogy.

We cannot express strongly enough how grateful we are for all the prayers, cards, and service on our behalf over the past couple of weeks. You all have been a great strength to us.


After extending two weeks to help train our replacements, we finally concluded our mission to the Tennessee Nashville Mission. We'll add our final thoughts at our mission blog. Hopefully we'll also have a slide show available here soon. Check back.


The biggest news right now is that Read & Sue have been called as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for eighteen months beginning August 4, 2008.

We'll be serving in the Tennessee Nashville mission, which includes central Tennessee, south central and western Kentucky, and the southern tip of Illinois. But we're looking forward to this opportunity to serve.

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